OSM to GpsMid maker

An online utility to help you make your own gps midlet for your j2me enabled mobile phone. (more)
For more info about gpsmid see http://gpsmid.sourceforge.net/.
Tim Waters 2008

Select map area, (cannot be too big as the server may reject it)

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More info: If you find you want a bigger area, I could enable osmxapi, its mush slower, but it can deal with bigger areas. I've found errors when dealing with areas that are too small too, so if you get one, make sure there's more data in the area selected. Source code is availble on request, html, openlayers and python. Originally, I'd planned to run the java conversion on my shared host (dreamhost), but couldn't as it's quite memory intensive, so let me know if you have spare server space available, thanks! tim@thisdomainname
Source: gpsmidmaker.tar.gz